This is the old web portal of СОКИ/SCAS, it is no longer supported. Please visit the new web portal .

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We are near the end of Inclusive Digital Video Training in Youth Work (InDVT) project,
The project includes the following main results:
• Developing inclusive digital video methodology (training materials how to use digital video for inclusive purposes) and developing Learning Management System (LMS) with training materials and inclusive digital video cases/tools
• Capacity building workshop
• Dissemination activities
The aim of the project is to increase the capacity of youth workers and trainers in inclusive digital video training, suitable for youth non-formal education, via development of training materials and organizing exchange of experience activities.




SCAS is a partner of “LIKE” Gender Equality project. The aim of the project is to train and sensitise digital developers and their trainers as well as students and their teachers. It also aims to convince decision-makers within the digital sector of supporting gender equality in media publications. The project has the following results: training module; digital training game; awareness film for decision makers; ECVET module.

SCAS is developing “My Gender Rights” project. MGR project features educational cartoon, video of testimonials, playing workshop on gender equality and E-learning and guide for new arrivals. The educational and training project “My Gender Rights” aims to sensitise and educate unaccompanied migrant minors as well as professionals and young volunteers caring for them.

This year we have the opportunity to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the international computer art forum Computer Space. Stay tuned on

InDVT project aims to develop methodology, training materials and tools for inclusive digital video training in youth work. Digital video could be used in the training process for working with diverse youth groups. Some interesting results will be published next months.

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SCAS has presented to several conferences the lecture and workshop how to prepare the old books for digitization. How to select the books for digitizing, how to describe the books condition, Türkiyenin en kaliteli instagram takipçi satın al sitemiz ile hemen takipçi sayınızı organik şekilde yü to fix the bindings and fasten the book etc. The information could be very useful for small and medium libraries or collections.

Quality of Youth Career Guidance and Nowadays Media Literacy Conference will take place in Sofia, July 15 and will present the modernization of career services.
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More info:

SCAS has a special presentation about bookbinding design and ornaments of books during the conference on May 24 organized by the Sofia History Museum and National Academy of Arts.

During the series of presentations SCAS has presented different approaches for the development of mobile games. New authoring systems for mobile games development have been showcased.

February 2016
SCAS has participated in working meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science concerning the quality assurance (QA) of student career services. The basic and additional quality indicators have been agreed.

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27.11.2015 – 29.11.2015
The screenings,seminars and exhibitions of this year’s edition of Computer Space will take place in The Red House on the 27th and 28th of November while the awarding ceremony will take place in the Central Military Club on the 29th of November. For more information visit

More information about the “New tendencies in career guidance” seminar you can find on

An international seminar “New tendencies in career guidance” with participants from youth and student career centers will take place on 22nd of June. If interested, send the application form here.

The first educational game on the topic of entrepreneurship, Event Master, part of the mGames project, has been published. You can download it for free on App Store and Google Play. Developing other games and manual for using mobile games for informal learning is about to begin.

SCAS started working on a new project titled “Quality of youth career guidance and nowadays media literacy”. The project’s purpose is to improve the quality of youth career guidance via providing innovative methodology, quality indicators and online tools for youth career counselors.

The registration for projects in Computer Space 2014 continues. In this edition of the festival for the first time there will be awards of the audience, everyone could vote for his favorite project on the Computer Space website –, starting from 01.10.2014.

On May 13th at 14.00h in the “Gallery” hall of the National Student House (10 Narodno sabranie sq.) would be the official presentation of the mobile application Invisible Serdica.
Check the website for more information.

In the frame of BBinding project,, a number of innovative tools have been developed. The interactive 3D online tool for bookbinding design is one of the modern approaches to use nowadays ICT in the process of bookbinding. The 3D tool incorporates interactive web-based technologies and gives unique opportunities to explore in advance the book vision, it also could contribute the communication and understanding between the binders and clients. The LMS aims to modernize the training process of bookbinders, it also offers the possibilities of open and distance learning. The manual includes most of the important aspects of traditional and modern bookbinding.

In the period 25-27 of October, we had the chance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the international computer art forum Computer Space, which we organize in Sofia. Hundreds of people visited all seminars, workshops and exhibitions, as well as the Awarding ceremony. 133 projects of 15 countries participated in the competition part this year, and the festival programme was really interesting, concerning the topics of traditional graphic art, photography, visual effects, concept art, etc.

More information about the forum you can find on the official website –

The valorization conference in the frame of CREATE project was held on the 20th of September (Friday), in “Arena di Serdica” hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria. Check our “Projects” section for more information.

Dear friends,
On the Computer Space website we have published the main topics of the 2013 programme. Follow the website for more news surrounding the festival.

The CREATE conference website is published at

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çağrı merkezi

“Three aspects of media literacy” Youth in Action project has been awarded by EACEA, Brussels, in Top 10 EU projects in “Critical European Citizen” category!

Some of the tools for evaluation of self-acquired learning in the field of computer animation and web design have been developed.
They can be viewed in the TOOLS section on the CREATE website after registration and approval.

The programme of Computer Space international computer art festival is now available on the website
At this year’s edition there will be several interesting events – seminars on the topics of 3D graphics, computer animation, font design, calligraphy, photography, as well as interactive installations, a computer graphics exhibition, workshops and screenings of computer animation films.

Dear friends,
On the website of Computer Space forum –, you can check some of the topics and lecturers in this year’s festival.

Computer Space 2012 registration has started. You could register online, the registration is free of charge until 30.08.2012. Computer Space website is

The CREATE project website development has been launched. The project will present different methods and tools for assessment of self-acquired learning. You can view the website development stages here.

At a ceremony at the National Library “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” the second edition of Rosen Petkov’s book “Old books and computer arts” was presented. You can see reviews from the event here.

27.10.2011 – 29.10.2011
The XXIII edition of the International Computer Art Festival Computer Space 2011 was held in October 2011. The awarded projects are now available to be seen. For more information – Computer Space.

09.05 – 11.05.2011
Valorization seminar of “The Violence of Information”

The XXII edition of the International Computer Art Festival Computer Space 2010 was held in October 2010. For more information – Computer Space

On 10.06.2010 (Thursday) in The National Library St. St. Cyril and Methodius, Rosen Petkov will present his new book – “Old books and computer arts”.

The XXI edition of international computer arts festival Computer Space 2009 was held in October 2009. For more information – Computer Space.

International E-portfolio conference took place on 22.09.2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It gathered experts, professionals and beneficiaries from different European countries. Among the lecturers were Marij Veugeles, Yuri Alkalay and Philip Harley.

On 22.09.2009 an “ePortfolio For Your Future” international conference will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria – organized by SCAS. For more information visit

The registration for Computer Space 2009 international festival has started.

The  E-games project was awarded during the international Creativity and Innovation European Year 2009 conference. The project was promoted along with 19 other projects in Brussels, the EU capital.

A conference dedicated to the topic of  “Quality Assurance in Youth Career Consultancy” (QA in YCC) will take place on 20.09.2008.