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Selflessness is the main, selfishness is the overall.

All humans have done just to coach outlet factory online become better human beings exist. People are selfish, man is selfish.

Human rule is great to be small, selfish and selfless achievements.

Human rule is to the overall achievement of selfish and selfless individuals.

Rules are the interests of mankind as a whole to be a personal achievement.

Great personal achievement and the overall success of the overall benefit or at the expense of individuals and coach factory outlet store online.

Rules of operation from the world's perspective, there's just a reality of species struggling to survive, there is great, there is no humble, just an objective to keep running from the death of the.

In humans it seems, is conducive to survive, to make life better, that is great.

Human beings are great, humans are smart, humans are intelligent human beings are the world, humans are unique.

Humans have civilization, there is technology, there is inheritance. Enough to unite mankind is coach factory outlet online legit, human beings can conquer all, human flesh and enjoy countless lives, but when environmental upheaval, it will follow the destruction of mankind together.

Humans have a weapon to destroy the world, but will also destroy them.

Take off the cloak of humanity, mankind is only a creature. Humans also have a prey, humans have natural enemies, the human race is also cannibalism.

But after all, human beings are evolved to higher organisms, after all, we want to live, after all, we are the world's invincible coach factory outlets extra 20 off.

So, unconsciously, we regard themselves as masters of the world, as God in other species, but never admit that we are just passing through.

Only hope that, finally, the environment, rather than the man himself, destroy himself.

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What a strong grass ah, no matter how pressing the stones, it must absorb nutrients, absorb rain, sunlight, struggling to push boulders drilled surface.

But it is selfish, is not it? It absorbs nutrients, rain, sun, get approval?

Like humans eat vegetables, chicken, duck, fish, birds, animals, get approval?

Law, initially there is a regular evil people, often the people around him were his hands. People would think he was so terrible, will eventually threaten me, for my survival, to limit his survival, but as long as the people who know him have this concern, we have had a coach factory outlet online authentic sanction his thoughts and actions, there is a will there are two, there are two there are three, the passage of time to form a force for evil yardstick, human again by analogy, to work out a final safeguard the rights and interests and to ensure the safety of the mandatory criteria, is the law.

From a personal point of view, for evil is to ensure its own security, from the collective point of view, for evil is to maintain collective security. Are small for their own selfish, in order to be brought together by a small group of selfish big selfish, argumentative is no threat to survival. Survival itself is to live, it can not be great and small. Law is great, because it can stand on most people's point of view to ensure the security and interests of the majority of people, it was praised by most people.

Politics is to find a leader or leading wolf, there must unite to survive goals coach factory outlet store, internal struggles for power and the interests of most people's needs, coup or revolution because completely unsuitable.

Economic, service food, clothing, shelter, transportation.

Military, sharper than animal minions.

Creating selfish selflessness, when you have an idea, since it is an individual is selfish, but if you act in favor of others, they are selfless. Similarly, the entire human race to other species and the environment will be, too. This is the idea of creating selfish selfless behavior.

Selfish and selfless man himself will go only to distinguish selfish and narrow, the selfless exaggerated, in fact, is selfish and selfless as much.

These animals do not speak, for the animals, as long survive, insidious despicable brutal vicious, long live good, are proud of weapons, and even get to emulate peers and admirers.

Human civilization is good, because it makes factory outlet coach online better human beings to survive this group, from a human is great, but the whole world, people and cattle, donkeys, horses, sheep and wolves, lions, bees, ant, what is the difference?

Selfishness in order to survive, but also to survive selfless, wise man knows selfish, stupid people know selfless, wise person knows when and when the selfish and selfless. And most people, some people just do not know why selfless know coach factory outlet online invitation, there are some selfish but only know nothing. In fact, care about too much but not good, the individual is unable to get rid of the whole human race rules, so the vast majority of people can live well, this is the greatness of it.

Of course, humans are complex, took off his coat, as well as underwear, took off his underwear, as well as heart, off the heart, as well as instinct. In short an object, in order to better survive.

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