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The university, the only thing I remember people, only you. Think through the university, freshman shed no sweat pouring out of the harvest flowers,louis vuitton factory outlet online sophomore pay no gain feelings of love sweet. After all I've ever had for you. If we say that this world sometimes let my heart get quiet for a moment, then I think, first, when I got home, two is when I carried you.

In fact, I am afraid. I'm not that louis vuitton outlet online real good Payouyitian over the people you cherish, louis vuitton outlet online you turn into the most annoying, most people want to see.

I know, you're doing well. Yes, ah, do not bother me again how you can not.

You go out for a job, he worried about, even if he has hurt you so deeply, even if you had told him so hated, even ....... I'm sorry. I organized for him not language.

It now appears that I have now is like you. He is exactly the same even if you have done the same to me what you do. I would still follow your pace for you doing the things you do to him.

But love, no right or wrong. Like and love the people already detached shackles, no matter how you struggle, to no avail, as if the trapped, after all can not get rid of. And I, still clinging with, stick with a person you love and sinking heart beating just for you. I think in one sunny afternoon, you say: the back, do not take it! Then you will be determined by crystal eyes looked at me, said: ah, do not go.

What a scene ah, tears can laugh every time I think of it. It is very beautiful. But I know that this is after all just wishful thinking, all the better, are not heavy again between you and me now, even if I work hard again.

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Feeling like a mirror, I do not care even if there was a rift, then How about you?

I know, I just want to say guarding you, quietly lived those words a little irresponsible. Since it has been for a long time were, why add another burden for you. I'm like a self-conscious of the burden, you come back, is a drag and burden. Is delighted and relieved to leave you.

I know, you never praise me for what louis vuitton handbags outlet online one eventually. I'm really not proud. Maybe I really do not deserve your praise.

Life in a hurry, we are also a lot of youth. But we have not yet the strength to love. Not deep enough to hurt, but we have become sensible enough. Reason to no longer easy for others to touch the so-called scars, fear that others turn to fish out those sweet blood. We walked, and different people, watching a different view. May eventually no state of mind at the time, no share can share the beauty and innocence.

Before listening to Yang Kun song "ghost town", I just feel better singing. May suddenly find louis vuitton bags outlet online, like most of their own now. You go, your heart away, leaving it empty bladder wandering in the city. Even though busy, no holding hands, no relying on the heart, there is no walk in the road, the city is empty so why not indeed?

Nurturing life is a look at the life and walked the streets in the future, there is no force relieved but also open-minded. After days and roads are still there. Bi Gan asked: dish inadvertently to live, people inadvertently able to live? Energy. But he did not know it.

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In fact, I know that you need a more stable than I am. Now, you do not want me to, then please take my heart to find him. Until you really settled, and then return too late.

I had secretly tested the time we were married. I am better than you two months later. They say regular? I said that was not allowed to associate. I'm not sure of the reason is that I want to have a future. I say quasi because, if not the future, it might be the outcome. But you know I do not believe in fortune-telling.

Xu Song song singing good, you can not imitate your habits closer to you. Yes ah. louis vuitton outlet stores online My effort to imitate, is not the same as being alienated you? Hearts too close, not stick together, is to be bounced. However, the viscosity is grinding out, without bounce heart, how will stick together?

Yes ah, each way, is a kind of insight. Everyone, is a landscape. I was adamant that I have you on the road to see the most beautiful scenery. Although the scenery is no longer belongs to me. Although, I am happy with this long pass.
I will always remember you saying that there are inscribed louis vuitton bags outlet online.
I will remember what I said, quietly waiting for you to come back, or you stability.

For me, this is the outcome. The best outcome.

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