New tendencies in career guidance


New tendencies in career guidance

22nd June 2015

National Student House of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES), "Gallery" hall

10, Narodno sabranie sq., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria


Aim: The seminar will present new approaches for career guidance like methods of self-guidance, usage of social networks and mobile communications when searching for jobs, online alumni associations, participation in projects as a method of self-guidance, etc.

Organizers: National Student House of MES, Student Computer Art Society and National Student Center for Information and Career Development

Context: The seminar deals with the very new and unexplored tendency in career guidance that can be summarized with the slogan: “From career guidance to self-guidance skills”. Nowadays the youth career guidance format undergoes rapid changes. More and more young people are learning about jobs and how to reach them through the net, asking for advice their peers or some more experienced people via social networks, job portals, discussion forums or other Internet services. Traditional face-to-face guidance in youth career centers shifts more and more to abilities of self-guidance. Here comes the question to what extent nowadays career consultants are familiar with modern media literacy. Skills like rating the information, validating the resources, intelligent searching, abilities to "scan" etc. become of vital importance for the career orientation. These skills are vital for the young people so that they can successfully operate and orient themselves in the net. Thus, career counselors must be able to advice and train young people in media literacy. This changes the shape of the modern consulting process - from pure career guidance to modern media literacy.