Youth Exchange - The process of gathering youngsters from different countries for educational purposes.

Workshop - Training course during which youth members are involved more interactively in the training activities.

Language barrier - Disability to communicate caused by language problems.

Youth trainer - Youth trainers are people who train others to work with young people, using non-formal methods, focusing on personal and social development and with an emphasis on fostering intercultural competence.


Youth Workers - Youth workers are people who work with young people in a wide variety of non-formal and informal contexts, typically focusing on personal and social development through one-to-one relationships and in group-based activities. Being learning facilitators may be their main task, but it is at least as likely that youth workers take a social pedagogic or directly social work based approach. In many cases, these roles and functions are combined with each other.

Youth in Action - European funding programme, supporting youth projects and non-formal activities.

Tolerance - Recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.


Intolerance - A lack of respect for practices or beliefs other than ones own. This is shown when someone is not willing to let other people act in a different way or hold different opinions from themselves. Intolerance can mean that people are excluded or rejected because of their religious beliefs, their sexuality, or even their clothes and hairstyle.


Storyboard - A sequence of images and annotations for a cartoon, animation or video drawn on paper or rendered in the computer. Storyboards are previews of the final version and typically contain mockups rather than final art and images.


Script- A script is a document describing the narrative and dialogue of a play, film, tv-series' episode or game in detail. It is written by a scriptwriter.